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Two Faces Comedy Show

“I leave it to my audience; If I had two faces, would I be wearing this one?”- Abraham Lincoln

Back by popular demand, and drawing inspiration from Abraham Lincoln’s legendary humor and self-deprecation, President Lincoln’s Cottage and The DC Improv are again partnering to present Two Faces Comedy, the first comedy series to transform Lincoln’s living room into a comedy den! Each show is meant to be inspired by some aspect, silly or serious, of Lincoln’s legacy or the history of the cottage. 

For the November show, there’s gonna be a new kind of battle at Lincoln’s war-time home. Comedy Kumite is DC Improv’s one-night stand-up comedy tournament. Comics take turns performing in each match, with the crowd deciding who advances. Since the Kumite show started in 2015, more than 30 champions have been crowned- but it’s the audience that always wins! 

The November Two Faces Comedy show takes place on November 15th, doors open at 7 pm and the show begins at 7:30 pm. 

Tickets cost $10, with a cash bar also available. Located at President Lincoln’s Cottage, 140 Rock Creek Church Road 

Northwest, Washington, DC 20011.