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The NAS Building and Exhibitions Have Reopened to the Public

At the intersection of art and math, that’s where you’ll find Mathemalchemy. It’s a collaborative exhibit currently on display at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), but the NAS Building and Exhibitions are only open to the public on weekends if you RSVP. Since the museum only recently reopened its doors, you’ll be among the first to see this exciting exhibit.

It’s the brainchild of 24 mathematicians/artists who met over Zoom for an entire year before finally meeting in person in the summer of 2021. All that time, they’d been working on individual components of a multimedia art project that puts mathematical concepts on display—using different types of materials and bright, bold hues. Sign up online for a specific day to come and see this limited-time exhibit alongside a permanent exhibit entitled Progress Was Neither Swift Nor Easy: Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine. True to its name, this exhibit walks guests through the long journey women took in order to become the integral, respected members of the STEM community that they are today.