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Taste Pan-Asian Street Food at SticxDC

The concept for SticxDC originated on an adventure across Asia. A group of friends departed for the continent on a quest to try as much street food as they could, and by the time they returned home, they had very refined and experienced palates. They brought what they’d learned to a D.C. eatery that serves up the same authentic Southeast Asian barbecue fare on sticks.

You can also order any of the grilled meats as entrees, but the smaller skewers allow you to taste-test a wider variety of the delicacies. Start with a stick of the Burmese-style pork belly alongside Japanese-style beef skewers and Thai-style chicken sticks. Prefer some heat? The Thai grilled beef with spicy dipping sauce should suit you. Pair it with the grilled shishito peppers for an extra kick. There’s also a selection of fried veggies, including eggplant fritters and crispy spring rolls, as well as pork and chicken dumplings. Regardless of what you choose as the main course, you have access to a full roster of house-made dipping sauces that range from pickled mango curry to dry chili dipping sauce.