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Visit a Kid-Friendly Place to dine and indulge in sweet treats at the Southwest Soda Pop Shop in Washington D.C.

Family-owned and run, the Southwest Soda Pop Shop in downtown Washington D.C. is a kid-friendly place to grab some delicious food with a side of sweetness. The Southwest Soda Pop Shop is devoted to serving you high-quality, fun, and tasty desserts every time you visit. You and your kids will love it!

Start with a scoop of your favorite flavor of premium ice cream, flavor varieties include vanilla, chocolate, birthday cake, cookies and cream, strawberry mint, and butter pecan. You can then look into adding some fun toppings to your scoop with candy choices like chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, Reese’s crumbles, gummies, or brownie chunks. 

If it’s something more smooth and liquid that you crave, have yourself a thick and creamy milkshake instead. You can choose from chocolate, vanilla, or any flavor you’d like really! Or go out on a limb and try one of their signature root beer floats instead. 

On a diet? Don’t worry, the soda pop shop didn’t forget about you either. You can opt for a healthier choice by trying a 100% fruit blended smoothie instead. 

Take a bite into your sweet tooth at the Southwest Soda Pop Shop in Washington D.C., we promise you won’t leave disappointed.