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Get Your Summer Scoops at The Creamery in DC

Come get your fresh, creamy ice cream at The Creamery and enjoy the flavors of summer! Located within Union Market in DC, The Creamery specializes in handmade ice cream that’s crafted in small batches, using only fresh, local ingredients. Here, you can choose between a huge variety of flavors and styles of ice cream, from hand-dipped to soft serve. Try a cup of the pumpkin spice twisted with vanilla, or opt for a scoop or two of the popular mocha cookie crumble in a waffle cone. In a hurry? Grab one of their pints of ice cream to go and enjoy it in the comfort of your apartment!  The Creamery serves more than just ice cream: they also have fresh varieties of cheeses, milk, and other dairy products that you can’t find just anywhere. You’re sure to return time and time again to get your delicious fill of dairy!