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HipCity Veg: A Must-Try Eatery for Plant-Based Diners

Eating on the go for vegans and vegetarians often means sticking to the “sides” menu, but not at HipCity Veg. At this eatery, which has two DC locations near The Chase at Bryant Street, the whole menu is plant based, with options spanning hearty burgers and loaded salads to fries and smoothies.

But meat eaters don’t have to skip this cool, fast casual spot. HipCity Veg nails it when it comes to taste and texture of their meat substitute products. Try a tempeh or Beyond Meat burger loaded with veggies and special sauce, or a chik’n sandwich with the perfectly fried crispy exterior. HipCity Veg also has curry tofu wraps, Philly-style mock cheesesteaks, and a flavorful portabella mushroom creation that might give you second thoughts about your carnivorous diet. Be sure to add the sweet potato fries onto whatever you order, even if it’s one of HipCity Veg’s entrée-worthy salads.

Find HipCity Veg on 7th Street in Penn Quarter, and on Connecticut Avenue just off Dupont Circle.